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Business Litigation Attorneys Clifton, Paramus & Beyond


Running a successful business in today’s highly competitive economic climate offers many challenges and risks. Dealing with other businesses, government agencies and individuals will invariably result in disputes requiring the services of a law firm.


Rubenstein Business Law brings the experience of representing industry leaders in complex business litigation covering a wide-range of issues to work for you. We make it a point to learn about your business and the issues it faces to develop a successful business litigation strategy on your behalf.


Building Long-Term Relationships

When you come to Rubenstein Business Law, we focus on achieving the best possible business litigation outcome based upon the present and future goals of your business We have helped clients from Clifton, Paramus, and Paterson in New Jersey to Chicago. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our clients, and helping them to achieve their goal is one way in which we do this.



Our attorneys bring the skills and knowledge acquired in representing Fortune 500 companies to assisting small- and medium-sized business owners facing tough litigation decisions. No one wants to take time away from management responsibilities to deal with lawsuits that could cause irreparable harm to a company.


That is why business owners come to Rubenstein Business Law when confronted by litigation involving:


  • Antitrust and trade regulation;

  • Class actions;

  • Employment disputes;

  • Government regulations and investigations;

  • Health care issues;

  • Real estate contracts and disputes;

  • Partnership and shareholder disputes;

  • Unfair competition and deceptive business practices;

  • Breach of contract;

  • Insurance disputes.



Leveling The Playing Field For Your Business

Our business litigation attorneys represent some of the largest national and international corporations in multistate and multinational litigation from Clifton and Paramus in New Jersey to Chicago. The technology and resources they have available to them to handle those cases are put to use representing smaller business entities who might have thought such services were beyond their reach.




Contact Us Today

We encourage you to contact us today to discuss your business litigation needs. No matter what type of litigation issues are facing your company, the lawyers at Rubenstein Business Law can help whether you are located in Paterson, Paramus or Clifton in New Jersey, or Illinois, New York or Florida.


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