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Virtual General Counsel Services New Jersey


Most small to medium-sized businesses are at a disadvantage to their larger, better capitalized competitors in many ways including the ability to afford the services of a full-time general counsel. Without ready access to competent legal advice, basic, day-to-day legal issues frequently cannot be immediately addressed. This may lead to them become serious legal challenges that could threaten a company’s existence.

Giving Your Business Access To Legal Services

Rubenstein Business Law understands the needs of business owners who believe their companies are too small to afford the services of a full-time attorney to act as general counsel. This is why we created, and now offer to our business clients, a virtual general counsel program.

Imagine having an attorney on staff ready to advise you and your company on the many legal issues and challenges your business confronts each and every day. Some of the areas in which your business could make use of the virtual general counsel at Rubenstein Business law include:

• Business structure decisions including reviewing the pros and cons of incorporation
• Incorporation, including preparation and filing of state-specific documents
• Preparation or review of operating agreements, employee manuals and company policy manuals
• Contract review and preparation, including employment agreements, vendor agreements and real estate contracts
• Representation of your business in matters concerning employee hiring and termination, wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuits

We Are Dedicated To The Needs Of Your Business

The virtual general counsel program makes it possible for your business to have access to attorneys at Rubenstein Business Law whenever you need them. Imagine being able to access skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel who are concerned about you and your business just as if you had on-staff general counsel.

Our dedicated attorneys understand the challenges of being the owner of a small business. When a legal issue arises that affects your business, we offer an alternative to bringing in an attorney on an hourly basis who must learn about you and your company.

One of the first things that we do at Rubenstein Business Law is meet with you and your senior management team to learn about your business. The attorney who you call upon for assistance under our virtual general counsel program will be someone who already knows your business.

Contact Rubenstein Business Law Today

Contact Rubenstein Business Law for more information about our virtual general counsel program in New Jersey. Learn how we can help put you on par or ahead of your competition when it comes to access to legal services. 

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