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Businesses fail all of the time. The successful ones share a set of common traits. One of those traits is preventative legal maintenance, proactive contract drafting and smart employment and tort defense policies. Maybe even more important than that is integrating these critical business components into your overall business strategy. Preventative legal maintenance provided by an attorney who gets your industry and gets your business should be a value-added proposition, not a dreaded line item.


Rubenstein Business Law provides full service legal strategies to a full range of industries. We have big-firm experience and training. We have represented, negotiated with and litigated against some of the most prominent players in a variety of industries, serving clients from Clifton, Paramus, Patterson and throughout New Jersey.


Our approach pulls from other areas of law to provide a well-rounded and balanced approach that sees around the next corner. We bring extensive knowledge and experience in commercial litigation, real estate, construction law and business formation and advice to bear for our clients.


Business Relationships


Business relationships are critical to the success of your business. Without reliability and dependability, you cannot have profitability in this industry. Clear contracts, fresh and relevant terms and obligations, streamlined enforcement mechanisms with teeth-these are the preventative legal measures that provide you the confidence you and your customers need in your ability to deliver product and service. When a dispute arises, you need to know what buttons to push and levers to pull, and you need someone who understands your business objectives advising you in the process.



Real Estate-Development, Purchases and Landlord Relations


Rubenstein Business Law's team of seasoned real estate professionals knows the industry inside and out. You cannot run a successful company without real estate representation. Whether it is a lease negotiation involving terms and tenant improvements or a complicated purchase with terms, our team of New Jersey real estate attorneys can get you in a space and keep you there.

Employee Relations and Employment Disputes

Most successful businesses depend on top talent flanked by a quality, dependable and loyal staff. This type of environment requires clear expectations, fair but firm contractual terms and consistent disciplinary policies. Employment disputes can disrupt the workplace about as much as any other dispute your company can find itself in. Lawsuits alleging discrimination or wage and hour complaints-these issues, no matter how meritless, must be dealt with efficiently and effectively. And, they must be dealt with in a way that is consistent with keeping your business operating as seamlessly as possible.

Personal Injury Defense

If a patron claims to have slipped and fallen on your premises, or otherwise suffered injury, we investigate and fight tort lawsuits made against you. We interface with your insurance company and make sure that you are provided the coverage you paid for and are entitled to. If you face an uncovered claim, we find the quickest pathway to resolution. When the situation calls for you to stand up and fight, we're the lawyers you want to take your case all the way to courtroom.



We invite you to contact our attorneys to discuss your legal needs. Whether you are seeking assistance with a business start-up or hoping to improve an existing company's profits, our lawyers can help.


General Counsel Services New Jersey

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