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Rubenstein Business Law Successfully Saves Company More Than 30%

To keep our clients and friends abreast of how we help our clients, below is a recent example: Acting in a General Counsel capacity, Rubenstein Business Law (RBL) recently saved one of its clients over 30% in business insurance premiums. In the course of performing an operations audit to increase efficiencies and minimize expenses, RBL learned that the company's business insurance premiums were exceedingly high.

The firm used its team of professionals to analyze the policies and learned that the company's insurance broker had improperly categorized the company to the insurance carrier. Among the mistakes made by the company's insurance broker was mislabeling the company's products as dry goods (i.e. fabrics) rather than electronics. Such action placed the company at great risk of audit.

Rubenstein Business Law recommended a new insurance broker who corrected the inaccuracies and resulted in a savings to the company of over 30% in premiums. This cost savings example exemplifies the strong partnerships that Rubenstein Business Law strives to foster with its clients and to safeguard their business interests. This successful outcome demonstrates the valuable General Counsel services Rubenstein Business Law provides for its client companies all the while seeking to save clients' money so their business can be more prosperous.

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